Kyle Hutchison's work with "his boys' began as a coach of a YES basketball team in 2001. The special bond between Kyle and his team extended over the next six years. Daily, Kyle, invested his time and energy into the young men. He promised them that, if they worked hard at school, he would help them go to college. Tragically, Kyle's life was cut short while his boys were juniors and seniors in high school. Kyle's friends picked up the banner and completed the dream of funding college educations for those boys who took that path!

Today, Carpenter's Square continues the work that Kyle started many years ago! Over the past few years, we have helped many young people with scholarships, affordable housing, mentoring, vocational direction and in many other areas to help better their futures. One of the things that we do to honor Kyle's memory is to host a memorial 3 on 3 basketball tournament each year! It is an exciting event each time!

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