Build. Believe. Belong

This summer at Carpenter's Square, we are in the building business. Home builders will tell you that a strong foundation is needed for a house to stay upright and able to hold the structure above it. A good and strong foundation is needed to keep a house standing against the demanding forces of nature. The same is true for building a strong foundation of truth for young people. As they grow in stature, they need that firm foundation.  As the difficulties of life are thrown at them, they need a strong foundation to keep them upright.

Our Foundations program at Carpenter's Square is every Wednesday from May 30-August 1 from 4-7:00 pm.  We are helping the youth in our community to build a solid structure of belief so that they can grow and be firm in their faith and belong to the body of Christ. Kindergarten-8th grade kids from the community are learning how Jesus cares for them, learning about other cultures, playing games, making crafts, eating dinner, and taking home a bag of food each week.

Why a bag of food? Over 8.4 million free meals are served to Metro Nashville school children during the school year.  During the summer months, only 280,000 are served. When we send home a bag of food each week we are helping families bridge that gap. When we teach kids about the love of God and how much they are loved, we are feeding them spiritually.  When we have guest speakers from different countries share with the kids, we are helping them to grow culturally. 

This summer we are building foundations. Want to help? Click here to volunteer. Help us serve our community as they build, believe, and belong.

Lisa Steele