Foundations is Back!

Foundations is back this summer! Last year we launched this program to reach out to K-8th graders in our multicultural community of South Nashville. Our goal is to build strong foundations for these kids as we teach them and show them how much Jesus loves them. Beginning May 29 through July 31 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm we will teach, play, and eat with kids from our neighborhood. Every Wednesday night we will build strong bonds and sure foundations. And this year, as an added bonus, the new youth group from Christ for the Nations Church will be joining us! They will help with some of the activities and then have their own lesson time.

Once again, we will also be sending home a box of food with each child. Most of the children get food help from their schools, so we are standing in the gap during the summer months.

What did we learn from last year? We found that kids love to belong, to play, to eat, and to learn. We were able to keep a connection with many of the kids during the school year through futsal, fun events on our campus, bible studies, and even through some one-on-one relationships. We are slowly building friendships that always point to Jesus.

Interested in serving, teaching, or helping in other ways? Just click here to sign up and we will get in touch with you. We need teachers, food sponsors and servers (we will have pizza every week for the kids), people who are good at acting (as in a fun skit), singing, or just playing with the kids during our game time. We know the summer months can be crazy busy sometimes, so we have made it easy for folks to serve for one Wednesday night or for several.

Join us this summer as we continue to build foundations of love, faith, trust, and hope in our community.

New Partnership Brings Two Ministries Together

“Carpenter’s Square and the Nashville Central Christian Warriors have a lot in common. We each share and believe in the mission of encouraging, mentoring, and empowering youth to become healthy, productive adults, while sharing the love of Christ.” Ricky King, President of the Nashville Central Christian Warriors, a homeschool competitive basketball program, made this statement to his team parents and coaches this fall. And this past week, the Warriors and Carpenter’s Square signed a Memo of Understanding with Carpenter’s Square to renovate and improve the Kyle Hutchison Center with $100,000. In return, the Warriors will have priority use of the KHC for practice and home games during their regular season.

The improvements include installing four new retractable goals, upgrading existing goals with new pads and rims, purchasing and installing new bleachers to accommodate 250 people, purchasing and installing new scoreboards, upgrading and repairing the current HVAC units, constructing a classroom/locker room/storage space where the stage currently exists, installing an office space for a future gym manager, and refreshing existing bathrooms.

In turn, the Warriors now have a place to call home for all of their teams: U8, U12, Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity for girls and boys. They will also partner with Carpenter’s Square as we serve our community.

When the Warriors started practicing and renting space at the Kyle Hutchison Center at Carpenter’s Square three years ago, the thought of having a “home gym” was not on the horizon. But now with this new partnership between the Warriors and CS, these two ministries that combine basketball with serving youth, have come together under one roof.

Carpenter’s Square began with the vision and legacy of a young man, Kyle Hutchison, who promised his Y.E.S. basketball team that he would help them go to college. Unfortunately, Kyle’s young life was cut short before this happened. However, a group of men banded together to continue serving these young men and helping them attain the goal of a higher education. From this group of men, the idea of Carpenter’s Square and the Kyle Hutchison Center was born.

One of our focus areas at Carpenter’s Square is youth development. Basketball, mentoring, and spiritual formation are a large part of that. Partnering with the Warriors is a natural collaboration. “The Nashville Central Christian Warriors began over 25 years ago as a way to engage homeschool students in the sport of competitive basketball, while instilling the life-giving lessons of character, hard-work, and commitment in the context of a community that puts Christ at the center of all we do,” King said.

Serving our community and pointing them to Jesus is what we do at Carpenter’s Square. With another great partnership, we are able to do that with a greater impact as we reach out, touch lives, and make a difference with our neighbors.

Lisa Steele
To Live To Give

Why do we give to others? Is it because we care for them? Because we want to help them? Because it is the right thing to do? Those are all great reasons to give, but the most important reason to give to others is to point them to Jesus Christ. By giving our resources—time, money, and talents, we are showing others that we are Givers because Christ lives in our hearts. Because of our belief in Him, we give. “He who believes in Me…From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:38)

As Christ lives in our hearts, our desire for generosity and to bless others literally flows from us. It cannot be contained. When Christ consumes our hearts, we have no other option but to follow His example—to live to give. And when we give we bless others and this becomes our deepest joy.

So often we focus on the evil of this world. That is easy to do in today’s crazy world. Despite this, there is much goodness, kindness, mercy, and grace for our eyes and hearts to pour out on others as we show the beauty of Christ to this broken world.

When you give to Carpenter’s Square on #GivingTuesday, or on any other day of the year, you are helping to point people to Jesus. You are showing them living water by providing programs that focus on youth development, education, recovery, and community connections. You are helping Eric with affordable housing as he attends TSU. You are also helping first generation college students Stephanie and Sundus as they study biology and change their family tree forever. You are helping Maria become a U.S. citizen and you are helping Randy learn Spanish. You are helping Jeff, Tove, Richard, and many more by giving them a place to meet while in recovery from addictions. You are helping Nate, Ethan, Brittany, and many other high school students with mentoring and learning basketball skills that will help them with college scholarships. You are literally helping hundreds of people in the Woodbine community every week as they encounter the love of Jesus through our actions. Without the help of our donors, this would not be possible.

On #GivingTuesday you can double your impact as your generous gift will be met with matching funds up to $50,000 donated by another generous giver who loves and follows Jesus.

Join us as we live to give just as Jesus has done and continues to for each of us. Let’s together send living water that flows with the love of Christ into the hearts of our community.

Lisa Steele
Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos!

Did you know that 40% of the people who live in our neighborhood are Latino? To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15), we are hosting a Community Fiesta at Carpenter's Square on September 29. We love our neighbors and we want to celebrate, support, and serve them. Beginning at 8:00 am a variety of vendors, entertainment, and activities will be happening in the front of Carpenter’s Square. Entertainment and activities begins at 10:00 am while vendors will open at 8:00 am. The festivities continue until 3:00 pm.

As Nashville’s diversity continues to grow, so does the diversity of our community. We are blessed to know people from many countries, cultures, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. As evidenced in our local schools, the Latino community is especially on the rise. It is estimated by 2040 that 60% of our community will be Latino. Along with this increase comes many needs and opportunities to serve. So what are we doing at Carpenter’s Square to serve our Latino community?

One group we partner with is Casa de la Cultura Latino Americana. They have been with Carpenter’s Square for over three years with their offices in our building. They have served the Latino community for over a decade. This dedicated group provides ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, Hi-SET (GED preparation classes), and sponsors many events for our community. We are honored to walk alongside Mayra Yu and her team as they serve our Latino community.

We also are the rehearsal home to Ballet Folklórico Sol de México, a dance group who practice weekly at Carpenter’s Square. This group, headed by Grecia Rodriguez, performs all over the city and shares the rich and beautiful culture of traditional Mexican dance.

And this fall we are sponsoring one of the first bilingual Girl Scout troops in Middle Tennessee. The Girl Scouts of America has hired a full-time Latino Coordinator, Sofia Guerrero, who has translated all of their materials into Spanish and who is establishing bilingual troops in our community. Our leaders, Megan Moore and Jacky Gomez, are bilingual and will be meeting with girls at Carpenter’s Square on Saturday mornings.

Restore Small Groups, another nonprofit housed at Carpenter’s Square, reaches the Latino community by providing groups that promote hope and healing through Restauración. Betsy Swann is the Global Development Specialist with Restore who heads up the Latino groups. She trains facilitators who then begin groups within the Latino community. She also translated Restore’s book and curriculum into Spanish to better serve this community.

As we grow, so will our services to the Latino community. Morning ESL classes, various workshops in Spanish, and services for First Generation college students are a few of the programs being planned. At Carpenter’s Square we are building foundations that point to Jesus for everyone in our community. We recognize the diversity of our community and want to reach out to the nations that God has brought to us.

If you are interested in serving our Latino community, please contact us at 615-730-5606 or go here and sign up to volunteer.

¡Que Dios le bendiga! May God bless you!